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iconfiend: Yuugiou Shippings

.//can you go the distance?

Yuugiou Shipping icons x 100
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Welcome to ygoship100! You already know the purpose of the whole 100 icon bit, except this time, it's Yuugiou-centric, more centric toward the shippings. I have yet to see one of these, specified just for yu-gi-oh! Shippings! That's right, Go the distance and create 100 icons just for your favorite shipping, or a shipping in general! Anyone who's willing to co-mod, lemme know! BWAHAHAHAHA!!! This is probably my last move before My hiatus, so I decided to make it count.

>>...;__; I hope people jooooin.

- As usual, you get to select any shipping you'd like to from the Shipper's List, or from YGO GX. Don't know what the shipper's list is? Then go here to check it out.
- Of course, you've gotta join this community to post in it, much less make a claim.
- Follow all 50 of the given themes, then after that, you're free to go wild and make your own.
- Take your time! If you've got other things going on, don't let me rush you. Put effort into the icons as well. I won't set a deadline because I'm not sure when I'll be coming back. O_o I'm supposed to be going on a hiatus due to reasons.
- All of 'em go behind a cut, of course.
- Yaoi and Yuri is allowed.
- All of the shippings are allowed. (T_T Yes, even Silent, Pride, and Polarshipping.)
- If you'd like to do a shipping that has more than two characters, you're free to do icons that may include two of the people in one subject, and two in another. (i.e.: Kamishipping (Jou x Yami x Seto) you can take any two for one theme. Even it out.)
- You also claim Multiple shippings in one post. For example, having a hard time choosing just one shipping? Choose 'em all or some shippings of your choice. Nero will call it Free for All State that in your post, and include the shippings of your choice.
Claim: Shipping Free For All (Angstshipping, Puppyshipping, Ettushipping, Rumorshipping, and Revolutionshipping)
Lj user: *insert name here*
Icon Journal: *insert journal here*
-Always provide a link to the icons by posting in this community. All of the members who join should have posting access.
- Need Tables for your icons? You can use the ones I've made, or create your own with spiffy colors, and what not. Credit me if you use mine however!
- Be sure to give credit where it's due, be it lyrics, brushes, or images.
- >> Have fun, minna!
- Two people per shipping. Two shippings per person
- Staking your claim goes as followed:
Subject: Peachshipping (Yuugi x Anzu), Heartshipping (Ryou x Yuugi)
lj user: nin_kennero
where these icons will be posted: iconage____ or a journal of your choice.

To see who's claimed who, go here!
Take a look inside the journal to check it out. >> I knew I forgot to make a 'themes' image. But yeah. You know what I'm talking about.
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